A Knowledgeable Civil Litigator, Eviction Lawyer, and Texas Justice Court Lawyer

I have dedicated a substantial portion of my legal career to teaching civil and landlord/tenant law to Texas justices of the peace. Texas justice courts operate differently than other courts in the state, and I am proud to have developed extensive knowledge of the procedures pertaining to justice courts.  As an instructor for the Texas Justice Court Training Center, I assisted in drafting the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to justice courts and provided education pertaining to those rules.  The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure govern all eviction cases in Texas, and also control debt collection lawsuits filed in justice courts.  If you need an Austin eviction lawyer, if you have been sued in a justice court, or if you intend to file suit in a justice court, contact an attorney who understands the relevant procedures and is committed to obtaining justice for you.

Committed to Our Clients

I believe in handling each client’s case personally, from start to finish.  When you contact my office, you will have an opportunity to speak to me directly about your case and have your questions answered.  Please contact me today for a free consultation.  I am ready to fight for you.