Criminal Trial Defense

At the Law Office of Robert Daniel, I stand ready to assist you in your time of need.  Criminal accusations place your reputation, your career, your financial security, and your freedom at risk.  You need an intelligent, experienced, and committed attorney who can deliver results.  I am a skilled trial lawyer who fights tenaciously for justice on behalf of each and every client.  As the former chief misdemeanor prosecutor for Hale County, I have substantial experience in evaluating cases, negotiating plea bargains, and trying criminal cases before a jury.  If you’ve been accused of a crime, protect your future by securing a strong advocate for your rights and interests. 

Criminal Appeals

If you’ve been convicted of a crime or your probation has been revoked, and you need an experienced Austin appellate attorney to file an appeal on your behalf, I can help.  As the former chief appellate prosecutor for Hale County, I have argued several cases in the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas (the highest criminal court in the state) and dozens of cases in the lower courts of appeal.  If you feel that you did not receive a fair trial or hearing, please contact my office to determine whether you may be eligible for appellate relief. 

Committed to Our Clients

I believe in handling each client’s case personally, from start to finish.  When you contact my office, you will have an opportunity to speak to me directly about your case and have your questions answered.  Please contact me today for a free consultation.  I am ready to fight for you.